Lateral movement

Controller creating containers that are running as root or have the option to run as root

Risk Level

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When assessing which user the controller allows its containers to run as, there are 3 parameters: 1. RunAsUser - define the UID of the container. 2. RunAsGroup - define the GID of the container. 3. RunAsNonRoot - preform a kubelet validation at run-time to ensure a container doesn't run as root. There are 2 ways to define these parameters: in the ContainerSecurityContext or in the PodSecurityContext. The value specified in ContainerSecurityContext takes precedence over PodSecurityContext. Orca has detected that the controller {K8sController} is creating pods that create containers that run or can run as root. An attacker can use the controllers' containers and gain higher privileges on the node, possibly allowing a cluster-takeover.
  • Recommended Mitigation

    Consider disabling or changing the value of the following attributes in the container: RunAsUser, RunAsGroup and RunAsNonRoot. Alternatively, have a PodSecurityPolicy in place to prevent the creating of this kind of containers.