video An MRI for Your Cloud Environment

MRIs revolutionized medical diagnostics. They completely bypass the need for painful biopsies and radiation-heavy X-rays, and quickly provide a detailed image of your inner-workings—with no side effects. MRIs take a bottom-up approach, mapping the particles that were made to a 3D image to look for abnormalities.

Orca Security scanning does just that for your cloud environment: It reads the cloud’s “particles”—its bits and bytes—to provide you with a rendering of your cloud’s full security posture, and without the hassle and side effects involved with invasive agents or network scanners.



MRIs have literally revolutionized the field of medical diagnostics. They are quick and painless. Since the birth of the invention in the ’70s, MRIs allow patients to bypass alternatives like painful biopsies and radiation-heavy X-rays.

In just under 10 minutes, a quick scan provides a detailed map of the inner workings of the human body. MRIs take bottom-up approach. They use magnetic manipulation to determine the location of the body’s tiniest particles, mapping out their location to create a comprehensive 3D image.

At this time, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Avi Shua. And I am the CEO and Co-founder of Orca Security. I spent a decade in the Israel Intelligence Corps and another one at Check Point as chief technologist. Last year, I led a group of senior cybersecurity veterans to found Orca Security. Together, we built an MRI for your cloud environment. Just like an MRI, our platform reads your cloud’s “particles”—or its bits and bytes, in this context—to give you a crystal clear rendering of your cloud’s health. We call it SideScanning.

Orca’s SideScanning technology integrates into your cloud environment to read the asset’s run-time block storage while it’s running. We’re using open, read-only cloud API to read the same bits and bytes that the operating system reads and writes. Using this data, we’re able to reconstruct a complete 3D image of your AWS, GCP, and Azure environments.

Orca Security provides visibility into your most important concerns, such as software vulnerabilities, use of weak or leaked credentials, lateral movement risksdue to unsafe key storage, compromised workloads, neglected assets, and general poor IT hygiene. And it achieves this with 100% coverage. All it takes is one-time, zero impact, cloud-level integration in just a few clicks. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 assets or 10,000, we cover your entire cloud estate in a matter of minutes.

Just like an MRI, Orca is completely noninvasive, our solution is fully agentless. Furthermore, there aren’t any harmful side effects because it utilizes no-impact, read-only APIs. We don’t run a single opcode on your environment.

Before SideScanning, security teams had no choice but to invest numerous resources into installing invasive security agents and still suffered from breaches on account of partial visibility—but no more. Orca Security is the future of security assessment. It is completely non-invasive and with no harmful side effects. We provide deep and full visibility after a quick integration process that requires only a few clicks. In short, it is an MRI for your cloud environment.

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