Sensitive Data Detection

Detect sensitive cloud data at risk

Verify the security of your most important data. Orca scans your entire cloud estate to discover sensitive data that is not properly protected or has been compromised and prioritizes identified risks based on environmental context.
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Legacy solutions
create blind spots

Bad actors are after your sensitive data, which is why its protection is your top priority. But you can't protect what you can't see. Relying on agent-based tools to locate misplaced or leaked data is like operating in the dark — leaving your business exposed.

  • On average, less than 50% of assets are covered by agent-based solutions.1
  • Legacy solutions fail to put risk into the proper context, such as whether a data store is publicly exposed or connected to an internet-facing asset.

Protect your crown jewels with Orca

Orca detects sensitive data at-risk across both the workload and control plane, pinpointing the exact location and providing masked samples of the data for quick remediation. It also leverages context such as the location and accessibility of the assets containing the data. This approach separates the noise from the risks that are truly critical to the business.

Keep your sensitive data safe with agentless security

Orca scans the hidden corners of your cloud estate, searching for at-risk sensitive data, from personally identifiable information (PII) to protected healthcare information, and more.

  • Orca detects at-risk sensitive data on every workload across your cloud estate regardless of whether they're running, idle, paused, or stopped.
  • Orca indicates the exact location sensitive data is found and provides masked samples for efficient triaging and remediation.
  • Orca detects at-risk PII, including physical addresses, email addresses, credit card numbers, and Social Security identifiers.

Orca cuts through the noise

Orca makes it easy to remediate at-risk sensitive data in the cloud. Statistical scanning and heuristics reduce the noise, while contextual analysis helps prioritize risk so security teams can focus on what truly matters.

  • Orca leverages statistical scans and threshold-based heuristics to help reduce false positives. A statistical scan may determine, for example, that a single, random nine-digit number in a file is unlikely to be a real Social Security number versus a file containing many nine-digit numbers.
  • Even with heuristic-based analysis, false positives are still possible. Orca provides the file location and several masked samples of potentially at-risk sensitive data to help you quickly identify false positives.
  • When prioritizing alerts, Orca considers the accessibility of the surfaced sensitive data. For example, is the resource public facing? Is the workload stopped or paused? Does the asset that contains the sensitive data have critical vulnerabilities?
Orca cuts through the noise

Complete visibility, minimal effort


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“When I first mapped the risks against our high-value assets, it was evident we had blind spots. Plus, I was spending way too much manual time monitoring assets—especially the AWS S3 buckets—to make sure nothing was exposed. It was very tedious.”

Shahar MaorCISO

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