Orca Security’s newly renovated dashboard includes a dynamic reporting widget that is changing the way you will view a news widget.

Dashboards remain to be a primary, and arguably the most valuable component of most software platforms, securing the most prominent real-estate in most applications and serving as their “home page.” Dashboards are great for quickly assessing large amounts of data by organizing information and telemetry into graphs and charts to effectively communicate the information or story. Dashboards, when used on the home screen, can also serve a navigational purpose for quickly diving into a subset of the provided information. 

Bringing Important Security News to You

Recently, the product team at Orca has released a newly renovated Risk Dashboard to serve as the platform’s new home screen. This renovated design consists of many new features and ways to display important security information, telling a detailed story of your security posture from a single view. I could write a book, instead of just a blog post, on all the new widgets that make up this new dashboard, but I want to focus our attention on one specific widget that has dynamic impact.

Orca’s Risk Dashboard


This newest widget that has been added is called “From the News” and it consists of a news feed of articles in a scrolling format. Orca’s product team wanted to ensure this news widget was not like your traditional compilation of latest company blog posts and news articles, but would instead provide security teams with useful and timely information on cloud security updates and security alerts. Importantly, these news updates are integrated into the telemetry that Orca provides within our platform.

Integrated news alerts within the Risk Dashboard


The Orca “From the News” widget has been designed to pull vetted articles from any number of reputable media sources regarding new vulnerabilities, or CVEs discovered and promoted on the internet. This allows Orca customers the ability to quickly stay up-to-date with the latest trends in cybersecurity, and actually contextualize your organization’s exposure level to any newly discovered risks. 

  • Save yourself the time: Instead of reading countless articles to keep up-to-date on the latest cloud vulnerability exposures. 
  • Gain confidence and assurance: Ensure you and your teams have the latest information regarding CVEs, and can verify what level of impact they have on your cloud estate. 
  • Quickly report on findings to executive leadership: In addition to Orca’s existing risk engine, the From the News widget instantly allows security teams to let their leaders know if they are impacted by a newsworthy announcement or disclosure. 

Example news updates with integrated alerting


Now, with the “From the News” widget present on your home screen dashboard, the Orca Security Research Pod provides all this groundwork for you as a free service. Additionally, when the latest article regarding a newly discovered CVE surfaces at the top of your news feed, the Orca platform will automatically include results or findings to immediately tell you if you are safe or have assets that are affected. 

The next time a CISO reads the news, and forwards an article to your team regarding impact; you will be able to confirm that you were aware of it, and quickly respond with pertinent information regarding the extent of the risk exposed to the organization’s environment… All from the convenience of your centrally located Orca Risk Dashboard.

Check It Out Today

Orca is helping security teams reduce the time that is wasted hunting for risks, and instead shifting their focus to what matters most, and that is actually solving the risks that actually matter to the organization. 

Start your free trial today and see if your cloud has any assets that are vulnerable to any of the latest identified CVE’s in a matter of minutes.