If you attended Orca Security’s premier virtual summit Cloud Security LIVE in 2022, then you’ll remember that we had some great discussions about cloud security at last year’s event. If you’re new to finding out about the event, new to cloud security in general, or trying to get an idea of different security options in the industry, then welcome! 

What is Cloud Security Live?

Cloud Security LIVE brings together thought leaders and industry luminaries from around the world for a half-day virtual cloud security summit where we discuss the top cloud security issues and strategies. This year, we’re bigger than ever with sponsors such as Google Cloud, speakers such as the Founder and CEO of Have I Been Pwned Troy Hunt, and members of our very own pod, Gil Geron and Avi Shua

In this blog post, we’ll outline information about each of the four sessions happening at the summit on May 16th.

Session 1: Where Cloud Security is Headed

We’re kicking things off with Phil Venables, CISO of Google Cloud, as he deep dives into 2023 cloud security trends with our Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder Avi Shua. They’ll answer questions like “What’s the latest in cloud security?” “What innovations are out there to help secure cloud environments?” and “What are the in-demand cloud security skill sets needed right now?” As we’ve seen, 2023 has been a busy year already with cloud risks and there’s been a rising need for cybersecurity talent, so be sure to catch this session to learn the latest trends in the industry. 

Session 2: Security Leaders and Their Cloud Security Strategies

Are you a VP of Security, CSO or CISO, or someone who speaks with the security leaders in your organization regularly? Then this is the session for you! In this talk, we go over how to create an actionable cloud security plan that’s simple yet comprehensive to address your organization’s unique security needs. Hear from experts what steps they’ve taken to keep their cloud environments secure and how their strategies can help shape your own organization’s security journey. 

Session 3: Secure Your AWS Environment

We’re delighted to be joined by Paul Vixie, VP/DE, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Does visibility into your AWS cloud environment rank as a top security priority? Find out what organizations are doing to achieve comprehensive visibility and establish a security-focused culture. Paul and our CEO and Co-Founder Gil will talk about the increasing accessibility of cloud security, the role of community tooling and collaboration, and more! Sign up today

Session 4: The Latest Cloud Threat Research Insights

Security flaws, hackers, and data breaches are the new normal. No one can escape having their information digitized in systems which could be left vulnerable to malicious actors. But who are these people, and how are they continually effective despite our best efforts? In this session, hear from Troy Hunt, the creator of “Have I Been Pwned,” about the lessons he’s learned from processing more than 12 billion records of breached data. You’ll get a glimpse behind the scenes of what caused some of these devastating incidents and how they continue to wreak havoc today, despite how much more aware the industry is becoming. Be sure to catch this eye-opening session during the summit

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Thank you to our sponsors Google Cloud, Snowflake, AWS, PagerDuty, and Panther.ai for helping make this event a reality.