We’re pleased to announce that Orca Security has been accepted into Google Cloud’s Generative AI Partner Initiative, following the integration of Google Cloud’s Vertex AI into the Orca Cloud Security Platform. Orca’s Vertex AI integration enables customers to automatically generate remediation code and instructions to fix identified cloud risks – multiplying productivity, lowering skill thresholds, and accelerating and improving cloud security postures.

Ever since ChatGPT was introduced in late 2022, Orca has been a frontrunner in leveraging AI to augment cloud security. We’re thrilled to join other innovative GenAI companies to showcase how generative AI can deliver significant contributions to improving cloud security, by simplifying tasks, reducing cloud security workloads, and increasing understanding of often complex cloud environments.

What is the Google Generative AI Partner Initiative?

Google Cloud’s Generative AI Partner Initiative is designed to spotlight innovative organizations that have leveraged Vertex AI to deliver generative AI solutions that supercharge development, scale content, synthesize information, automate business processes, and build engaging customer experiences. Google Cloud Generative AI partners are showcased across Google Cloud events, blogs, sales, and marketing activities related to Generative AI. In addition, partner solutions are added to the Next ’24 catalog shown at Google Cloud’s Generative AI partner ecosystem booth on April 9-11, 2024.

What is Google Cloud’s Vertex AI?

Vertex AI is Google Cloud’s machine learning (ML) platform that enables organizations to train and deploy ML and AI models. In addition, it allows for large language models (LLMs) to be customized and used in proprietary applications.

Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform offers a number of different ML tools and services, simplifying the ML lifecycle and enabling developers and data scientists to build custom ML models In addition to offering Google models , Vertex AI also offers use of third-party models (Anthropic’s Claude 3), and open models (Gemma, Llama 2), making it a very versatile AI platform.

How does the Vertex AI integration benefit Orca customers?

Orca leverages Vertex AI to automatically generate remediation code for identified risks, allowing customers to greatly improve their Mean Time To Remediation (MTTR). Straight from the Orca Platform, security teams can simply copy and paste code generated by Vertex AI into a command line interface or Infrastructure as Code (IaC) provisioning tool, or follow steps in a console to remediate risks in their environment. 

Orca uses Vertex AI to generate custom remediation steps for the CLI, console, and many different IaC tools

Data privacy and compliance is ensured by completely anonymizing and masking any sensitive information before it is forwarded to Vertex AI. It’s also important to note that by default, Vertex AI does not use submitted data to train its foundation models. When a request is submitted to Vertex AI, the data is encrypted in-transit. Vertex AI meets stringent regulatory requirements, including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC 2, and more.

Instantly generated remediation steps and code help teams significantly reduce MTTR

Google Next ‘24

Orca is a proud sponsor at Google Next’ 24 on April 9-11, 2024, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas and will be showcasing the Orca Cloud Security Platform at the expo hall, booth #1661.

Orca and Google Partnership

This latest integration continues to expand Orca’s extensive partnership with Google Cloud, including integrations with Google Workspace and several Google Cloud security products, including Google Cloud’s Chronicle, Security Command Center and VirusTotal. In total, Orca supports 100+ Google Cloud services to provide comprehensive coverage and mission-critical contextual analysis for joint customers’ Google Cloud estates, including infrastructure, workloads, identities, and data with protection from any risk type. 

About the Orca Cloud Security Platform

Orca Security is trusted by hundreds of organizations and provides comprehensive, AI-driven cloud security that is easy to operate and brings value from day one. After a simple 30-minute deployment, the Orca Platform will start scanning and within hours show you all the risks in your cloud workloads, configurations, and identities and which ones are the most critical – all from a single platform.

Would you like to see how the Orca platform’s built-in Vertex AI integration can supercharge your cloud security? Schedule a 1:1 demo with one of our experts.