I’m thrilled today to show the world our new campaign, titled The Cloud is Yours. While in marketing we call it a campaign, this effort is much more than that: it’s a rallying cry to everyone who manages, uses, and secures the cloud. According to 451 Research, 72% of organizations use two or more cloud providers with security concerns being the top challenge to cloud adoption. Organizations continue to navigate a complex set of technologies and build new processes across their businesses, all while deploying more frequently and at a greater scale than ever before.

We hear your challenges, we see your incredible efforts – and we’re here to help you succeed. The Cloud is Yours is about bringing empowerment and transparency to any and every business. Orca Security’s mission is to help other businesses make their dreams come true with a safer, more secure cloud.

Orca Security was founded on the mission to simplify cloud security

Our founders are long-time cloud security experts who understand the challenges security professionals face when managing cloud security with one point solution after another, each claiming to fix the newest issue. Over the last five years, cloud adoption has exploded and so has the need to secure the cloud – a top priority for many companies. 

“Companies deserve to see and detect all cloud security risks from a single view — with prioritized findings based on the impact to their business.”

Avi Shua 
CEO and Co-Founder

Orca Security

As we’ve watched cloud adoption grow, we’ve seen the chaos that digital transformation brings into organizations. Since our founding in 2019, we’ve seen real-life examples of how our agentless platform not only helps our customers survive the chaos of the cloud, it drives their business forward. When you have what you need to understand your entire cloud, see the risks your organization is facing, and stop an attack before one happens — this is “The Cloud is Yours” in action.

The Cloud is Yours is an inspiring rallying cry 

Perhaps it sounds too emotional for a cloud security company. But change is emotional. Managing an unwieldy amount of risks without understanding the context is emotional. Not having full visibility is emotional. The pressure to keep your company secure while hitting the goals you have set to help your customers is emotional. 

At Orca Security we believe in the power of cloud computing. And when it comes to your cloud security, we believe that the way it’s been done in the past doesn’t have to be the way you have to do it now.  The Cloud is Yours is your invitation to come along with us as we continue to secure the cloud for our customers.

Let’s Fly…



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