Mailinblack Sees Orca Security as Their Secret Weapon for Cloud Security

Mailinblack Makes Email Security Safer—and Easier

“Join the safe side.” That’s what Mailinblack empowers over 18,000 organizations to do using their email security platform. With 90% of cyberattacks starting through malicious email activities including phishing campaigns, Mailinblack’s AI-powered cybersecurity platform protects organizations and trains their employees. 

Four years ago, the French cybersecurity vendor moved 100% of their infrastructure to the cloud. With Microsoft Azure as their primary choice and AWS in the roadmap, the Mailinblack team takes full advantage of what the cloud has to offer. 

“We use several managed services, including Azure’s Managed Kubernetes Service (AKS). We have 11 or 12 currently with plenty of deployments in the service,” notes Sébastien Gaucher, IT Operations Manager. 

As Mailinblack’s IT Operations Manager, Sébastien oversees all infrastructure operations. A few key concerns for him and his team include vulnerability management as well as maintaining compliance with strict mandates.

Mailinblack Case Study by Orca Security

You’ve Got Risk: Cleaning Out Mailinblack’s “Risk Inbox”

Cybersecurity companies such as Mailinblack need no convincing of the importance of putting strong cloud security practices and products into place. Yet, cybersecurity maturity is still a journey for them like it is for any organization.

As a result, Sébastien and his team started with the basics: gain visibility into risks and then tackle the most critical ones first. “When we implemented Orca, it was like ‘Wow, there are many risks to review.’ The visibility we gained into what was going on in our environment was clear, precise, and most importantly, actionable.”

Orca Helps Extend and Enhance the Security Process

To help achieve their security goals, Mailinblack works with an MSSP advisor as a partner, and once Orca was implemented, the partnership became even more fruitful.

“They love it. All they have to do is go to our Orca dashboard to see alerts, and to see them according to criticality. When we have a new CVE that needs to be addressed right away, we know it immediately,” boasts Sébastien.

Orca’s contextual-based findings enable Sébastien and his security partner to hone in on the risks that matter most. More specifically, the platform’s Attack Path Analysis capabilities make it clear how risks piece together to form dangerous, interconnected chains of attack. This correlates the data between each cloud asset to help Mailinblack remediate the highest-priority issues as fast as possible.

“All our MSSP partner has to do is go to our Orca dashboard to see alerts, and to see them according to criticality. When we have a new CVE that needs to be addressed right away, we know immediately.”

Sébastien Gaucher

IT Operations Manager

Agentless-first Is a Key Value Proposition

Fueling Mailinblack’s ability to resolve critical issues quickly is Orca’s agentless-first approach. The cloud security platform’s patented SideScanning technology makes security frictionless and fast. 

Sébastien remarks, “By offering a seamless scan with the agentless functionality, the solution is transparent. We can scan our managed resources like containers in Kubernetes, and Orca gives us suggested improvements for roles and identity management. The list continues on for what agentless does for us.”

Team photo of Mailinblack organization for Orca Security Case Study

How Orca’s Cloud Security Platform Provides Unrivaled Value

As a cybersecurity company themselves, abiding by strict compliance mandates like GDPR and ISO 27001 is key—but nonetheless challenging.

With Orca’s multi-cloud compliance capabilities that include 100+ built-in frameworks, as well as customization options, Mailinblack can close compliance gaps and stay organized for audits using a single, integrated solution.

In addition to its vulnerability management and compliance benefits, Orca consistently indicates promise for the future. Following his attendance with two colleagues at Orca’s recent customer event, Sébastien feels even more excited with the company’s choice to employ Orca’s CNAPP for their cloud security needs.

“Where the product continues to move forward, we are really impressed and enjoy testing new features. Between the Shift Left capabilities and offering an agent for runtime security needs, we like where things are headed.”