Detect and prioritize misconfigurations in your cloud

Within minutes, Orca detects and prioritizes misconfigurations across your entire cloud estate, leveraging key compliance frameworks to help guard your environment against breaches.
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Misconfigurations can cost you

One misconfiguration can put you one step away from a devastating breach or cyber attack. Unfortunately, agent-based security solutions can't be relied on to detect cloud misconfigurations due to their inability to provide complete coverage of your cloud estate.

  • According to Gartner, 99% of cloud breaches will have a root cause of customer misconfigurations or mistakes.1
  • 75% of organizations had a public storage bucket open to the internet. 2
  • Over 30 billion records have been exposed as a result of cloud infrastructure misconfigurations over the last two years. 3

Master your cloud configuration risk

With Orca, misconfigurations across your entire cloud estate are detected within minutes of deployment and new assets are covered as they are added. There are no DevOps headaches since no agents need to be installed and no code runs within your environment.

Orca has you covered

Orca offers extensive cloud misconfiguration detection across all of your cloud accounts and workloads so you can ensure security and compliance with industry and regulatory standards.

  • Orca leverages over 600 unique configuration controls across 15 categories, including authentication, data protection, logging and monitoring, network configurations, and system integrity, to name a few.
  • Orca analyzes cloud misconfigurations against more than 40 industry and regulatory frameworks, including a wide range of CIS control benchmarks.
  • Orca allows you to turn every configuration control into a query, and automatically trigger alerts for continuous compliance.
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Effective prioritization starts with context

Orca takes a holistic approach to prioritizing configuration risks.

  • To effectively prioritize misconfiguration risk, Orca sees your cloud estate as it is — a web of interconnected resources — rather than a jumble of unrelated assets.
  • In addition to environmental context, Orca evaluates cloud misconfiguration risk based on workload security data and threat intelligence to bring critical alerts to the forefront.
  • An attack map for every configuration issue enables teams to quickly understand the context of a misconfiguration and to perform appropriate triage and remediation.

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“With Orca, we have our AWS configuration under control. We have over 12,000 assets. Currently—right at this moment—only three of them are listed as a priority to fix. That’s fantastic, particularly when you consider how frequently cloud environments change.”

Jonathan JaffeCISO

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