Okay, the title might seem a bit aggressive, but as you read it, did you nod your head in agreement? 

The truth is, cloud security solutions solve a growing problem. According to Gartner, “more than half of Enterprise IT spending in key market segments will shift to the cloud by 2025.” Meanwhile, it’s predicted that “cybercrime [will] cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025” as well. What this means is that the need for cybersecurity only continues to grow, and cloud security is especially important in that mix. 

However, it’s also true that there are plenty (and even that is an understatement) of cloud security options available to organizations and their C-level decision makers. Some are platforms, some are point solutions that are really good at solving one aspect of cloud security. 

It still doesn’t make it easier for security leaders to choose who they feel is the right cloud security vendor for their organization specifically. As with most things in life, having too many options leaves people feeling overwhelmed—choice fatigue, if you will. Then what is a viable strategy for companies to use as they research different cloud security options? 

Find a Third-party Advisor to Help Provide Clarity Amongst the Noise

Nothing can replace doing your own thorough research. However, it doesn’t mean you have to necessarily start there. A simple Google search of “cloud security posture management solutions” brings up nine different companies on the first page alone—not to mention the fact that ChatGPT is happy to give me a list of 30+. And let’s not forget, cloud security posture management (CSPM) is only one aspect of cloud security.

A trusted advisor who understands how cloud security has evolved and will continue to evolve, as well as what options are available, can take some of the guesswork out of the vetting process. Marketing and sales jargon aside, an advisor is someone who doesn’t have to owe loyalty to any particular company. Rather, they have the freedom to be honest about what’s needed in the industry and who satisfies those needs.

You may be wondering, though, “Why spend the time to find an advisor and sit down with them versus just using that time to figure things out on my own?” 

The reason is pretty simple: nowadays, there’s no need to seek out an advisor in a more “traditional” way. Rather, there are experts who post on social media, write blog posts, speak on popular industry podcasts, the list goes on. These industry thought leaders are readily available at your fingertips, and when I tell you they’re eager to share their knowledge, I mean they’re really eager to share their knowledge. 

Meet Andy Ellis, Advisory CISO

One such industry authority is Andy Ellis, Advisory CISO to Orca Security, Operating Partner at YL Ventures, and professional dabbler of many other part-time roles. Andy was inducted into the CSO Hall of Fame in 2021, wrote a book called 1% Leadership, won the 2022 SANS Difference Makers Award for Podcast of the Year (Cloud Security Reinvented), and much more. 

The point of mentioning those accolades is not to boast, but rather to shed light on the fact that there are professionals such as Andy who are hungry to give you no-nonsense information that helps you decide on the right cloud security solutions for your business.

Let Andy Advise You “How to CISO in the Cloud” 

I’m excited to announce that Andy released a two-part eBook series called “How to CISO in the Cloud.” This series is intended to help cloud security decision makers evaluate in a granular way how they want to approach building a strong security strategy that works for their particular company. 

In the first eBook, Andy helps CISOs break down the state of their cloud usage and the risks associated with it. Then, after readers have painted a clear picture of their organization (including industry, cloud infrastructure usage and types, relevant risks and attack paths, etc.), Andy provides a blueprint in eBook two for how CISOs can approach finding solutions to their security needs. 

Andy’s goal by the end of the series is that “you walk away from part two having planned out the first three or even 30 steps” for achieving security at your organization. 

Download Your Free Copy of “How to CISO in the Cloud”

If you’re looking for a trusted advisor to help you navigate the complexities of cloud security solutions and vendors, get your copy of “How to CISO in the Cloud” today. The content is intended to help you take specific and measurable action while thinking about aspects of your organization’s security that may not come up in a typical sales meeting or demo call. 

Whether you’re a brand new CISO or have been one for 10+ years, take it from a fellow CISO himself that everyone will find something new and valuable in this series. Get your copy now and check out further resources below. 

P.S. Short on time? We invite you to join Andy to learn about the concepts explored in the first eBook by registering for this webinar, where you’ll walk away with a deep understanding of the security risks to your cloud environment.

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