In 2019, Harvard published findings from a study on active versus traditional (or “passive”) learning in an effort to determine which medium helps students actually learn and retain knowledge. The results indicate that while students perceived traditional learning to be more effective, those who participated in active learning performed better on exams. 

It’s for this exact reason that Orca offers monthly Virtual Cloud Security Camps: interactive workshops to learn about cloud security best practices using a modern cloud security platform. At the end of the workshop, participants receive valuable prizes such as 2 CPE credits. 

What are the Orca Security Virtual Cloud Camps?

In these 90-minute hands-on workshops, attendees get an overview of cloud risks and best practices for addressing these risks, and use the Orca Cloud Security Platform to solve challenges in a gamified manner. This format provides two clear, useful outcomes:

  1. Learn about the latest cloud risks: By understanding common risks associated with cloud usage, security practitioners, cloud platform architects, and DevOps engineers are empowered to protect their organizations.
  2. Gain hands-on experience with a modern cloud security solution: Orca Security is the pioneer of agentless cloud security technology, and we are one of the fastest growing cloud security companies in the industry. By learning about cloud security through the lens of our platform, attendees come away with a strong idea of how easy cloud security can be and what’s important to their team when selecting a cloud security solution. 

How Do the Cloud Camp Sessions Work?

If you choose to attend a Virtual Cloud Camp, here is what you can expect:

  1. Join a Zoom with Sagy Kratu: Sagy is Orca’s Director of Technical Evangelism and Enablement, and he will be your guide through the interactive session. 
  2. Get a quick overview of cloud security best practices and the Orca platform: Sagy will explain common challenges and how Orca can address those challenges. Be sure to pay attention here as this part will help you excel during the hands-on portion of the camp! 
  3. Log into the gaming portal and the Orca platform: You will complete missions to compete for prizes and achieve key cloud security outcomes. 
  4. Win prizes and get 2 CPE credits! At the end of the session, you’ll walk away with a wealth of cloud security knowledge as well as 2 CPE credits (and possibly a prize). 

What Do You Get for Attending a Virtual Cloud Camp?

While we all can agree that learning for the sake of learning is invaluable, who wouldn’t want a tangible reward for attending?! We’ve got you covered. 

During the hands-on exercise portion of the camp, participants compete for prizes. Throughout the challenge, users will be able to see a leaderboard to know how they’re doing as compared to their peers. At the end, there are three winners who each receive a gift card for first, second and third place. 

Additionally, every participant is given a Cloud Camp Ambassador badge that they can share on social media, along with a certificate authorizing 2 CPE credits. There are several organizations that acknowledge Orca’s training for continuing education, including SANS, ISACA, and more. 

Orca Security Cloud Camp Ambassador Badge

What Attendees Have Said About Their Experience

We could go on about why attending a Cloud Camp is valuable, but we think it’s important to share some real feedback from participants. We asked attendees “What did you like most about the Orca Security Cloud Camps?” Here’s what they said:

“The interactive competition is amazing.”

“I liked the ability to test the solution against likely scenarios.”

“I liked getting exposure to the tool and the amount of information it contains.”

“It was a very intuitive and well run event that gave hands-on experience.”

Advance Your Cloud Security Skills at the Next Cloud Camp

If you’re a cloud security practitioner, cloud platform architect, DevOps engineer, or really anyone involved in maintaining the security of your organization, we’re excited to invite you to join an upcoming Cloud Camp. Orca hosts camps monthly, so be sure to check out when the next one is happening by visiting the registration page

If you’re unable to make the next session, please check back for when new dates are added each month. See you there! 

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