Since its inception a few short years ago, AWS re:Inforce has served as a security-focused event covering such topics as compliance and identity and privacy for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Multiple exciting and engaging opportunities are jam-packed into a two-day span, including keynote speakers, leadership sessions, an expo hall, and hands-on skills sessions. The goal of the event is to bring the cybersecurity community together for dedicated education and hands-on learning. If your company utilizes AWS in any capacity, attending re:Inforce is a great way to connect with other customers as well as AWS thought leaders and partners about the state of the shared responsibility model and cloud security.

This year’s event will be held in sunny Southern California, just a short distance from the beautiful Disneyland amusement park. If you’re going to be in attendance, there are countless avenues you can take as you determine how you want to secure your organization’s AWS cloud infrastructure. In this blog, we’ll provide a “cheat sheet” about Orca Security to help you understand what puts us in a unique position to help you keep your company secure on AWS cloud.

3 Reasons to Visit the Orca Security Booth at AWS re:Inforce

Let’s cut to the chase: there is a lot to do in the span of two days (not to mention making time for eating churros at Downtown Disney…). We’re not unaware of the fact that between breakout sessions, hands-on learning labs, evening parties, and sleep (oh yeah, that), you’re being strategic about which booths you visit in the expo hall. We want to be clear about who we are and what value we can provide as you search for the best cloud security solution available. Below, we’ll detail three reasons why you should make it a point to visit Orca Security while at AWS re:Inforce. 

#1: We’re the 2022 AWS Global Security Partner of the Year

Yes, you read that right! At the end of every year, AWS honors regional and global Security Competency Partners. There are over 10,000 great products and services that integrate with AWS available on the AWS Marketplace, and we’re honored to have been chosen as the latest recipient of this prestigious award.

Over the last four years since the start of Orca Security, we’ve been synonymous with innovation, including being granted a patent for our revolutionary agentless SideScanning technology. But don’t take just our word for it, learn how our customers innovate securely in the cloud with AWS every single day. 

#2: The First… for Many Reasons

Here, we’ll provide a short list with explanations of some of our first-to-market innovations. We encourage you to bring these up and ask about each of them if you visit the Orca booth at re:Inforce. 

  1. Agentless cloud security: This goes back to our patented SideScanning technology. Orca Security was the first company to provide agentless cloud security. Before Orca, companies had to install agents in processes that took months, only to find that they still had partial visibility and coverage of risks.
  2. ChatGPT integration: In January of this year, we were the first company to offer ChatGPT for cloud security purposes
  3. Cloud to Dev capabilities: Orca is the first cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP) to automatically link cloud risk detections in production with the development pipeline. In other words, we can trace cloud security issues down to the line of code and its owner. This greatly reduces the time spent on remediation so teams can spend time on higher-value activities. 

#3: We Offer a Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP)

Instead of only offering a solution covering one aspect of cloud security such as posture management or workload protection, we’re a cloud security platform purpose-built from the start to offer integrated capabilities that keep your organization secure from a 360-degree perspective. 

“Until recently, comprehensively securing cloud-native applications required the use of multiple tools from multiple vendors that are rarely well-integrated and often only designed for security professionals, not in collaboration with developers. This lack of integration creates fragmented views of risk with insufficient context individually making it difficult to prioritize the actual risk. As a result, fragmented tools create excessive alerts, wasting developers’ time and making remediation efforts confusing to target roles.”
2023 Gartner Market Guide for Cloud-Native Application Protection 
Platforms (CNAPPs)

Instead of managing multiple point tools that don’t (and can’t) communicate with one another, Orca Security is a CNAPP based on the foundation of contextual security insights. With a comprehensive suite of solutions such as API security, multi-cloud compliance, shift left security, Data Security and Posture Management (DSPM), and more, Orca goes beyond the basics of cloud security to prioritize risks based on context so your team can remediate the issues that matter most. 

And there you have it. Three key reasons why Orca Security is worthwhile to consider in your search for a cloud security solution. Now, let’s get to the fun part! If you’re intrigued about Orca now that you know more about who we are and what we stand for, read on for information about how to connect with us at the event. 

How to Interact with Orca Security at AWS re:Inforce 2023

This year, we’re proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the conference. We’ll be at our booth all day long both days, and we have some fun offerings for you along the way. 

Visit Us at Booth #546

Enter the expo hall, and walk straight down until you reach the Orca booth—it’s that simple! We’ll have demo stations, claw machines where you can win a plushie Orkie, and you can enter a selfie contest with our giant Orkie for your chance to win a $500 Disney gift card!

Visit us both days to grab a pair of custom flip flops to help you relax in the SoCal sun. 

Get Funky with Tone Loc and Warren G at Orca Security’s Funky Cold G Tech at the House of Blues

Join us on Tuesday, June 13th from 5-9 pm for a one-night only performance, where we’re bringing Tone Loc (Funky Cold Medina) and Warren G (Regulators), with world famous Dallas DJ Willie Trimmer opening for the event. There will be catering and an open bar, as well as a red carpet moment and tons of free giveaways.

VIP Cocktail Reception at Downtown Disney

If you’re looking for something more low key, join us for an intimate event at Tortilla Jo’s in Downtown Disney. Connect with our team and meet other members of the security community over delicious Mexican cuisine and drinks. Space is limited, so be sure to click the button below to save your spot!

Orca Security event parties

Meet with an Orca Security Executive 1:1

Orca’s Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder Avi Shua will be in attendance taking meetings to discuss your cloud security needs and the solutions available to your team. This is your chance to meet directly with cloud security experts and thought leaders, so be sure to set up your meeting today.

Attend an Informative Session About the Origin of Security Challenges

AWS has revolutionized the way IT infrastructure is managed, providing enterprises with greater flexibility, improved business continuity, and cost reduction to achieve significant competitive advantages.

Yet, the security market has been slow to evolve, carrying with them the same traditional approach as when everything was managed on-prem. 

In this presentation called “The Origin of All Security Challenges and the Revolutionary Solution,” we’ll uncover what led to security applying these techniques, the challenges these approaches caused, and what revolutionary change gave security teams the advantage they desperately needed to keep pace with the speed and scale of the cloud. 

Join Ty Murphy, Director of Product Marketing, for this chat in the Lightning Theater in the Expo Hall on June 13th at 4:35 pm.

Unable to attend AWS re:Inforce 2023 this year? Don’t worry, you can still discover Orca’s agentless Cloud Security Platform by visiting our website. Request a demo or sign up for a free cloud security risk assessment to get started securing your entire cloud estate today!