Cloud Compliance

Achieving compliance at cloud scale

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Agents = Non-Compliance

Compliance starts with 100% coverage

Relying on agent-based tools to support your cloud compliance initiatives is an endless per-asset integration project. The result? Organizational friction, operational risk, and gaps in coverage. The perfect storm for failing your next audit.

Compliance in the cloud deserves better.

Compliance By Default

Talk to your auditors with confidence

Orca’s ability to replace multiple security tools mandated by today’s stringent regulatory and industry standards, from vulnerability management to malware scanning to file integrity monitoring, means that Orca automatically runs all the critical checks required by default.

Orca’s agentless approach ensures that your entire cloud estate is continuously covered, so you never have another uncomfortable conversation with your auditor about whether or not your controls are deployed across your cloud environment.

Discover And Protect Your Crown Jewels

Meet data privacy mandates

Meet data privacy mandates such as PCI-DSS, GDPR, and HIPAA by showing regulators evidence of your ability to identify and protect sensitive data like PII. The Orca platform uniquely recognizes where sensitive data such as PII is located across your cloud estate and alerts you to all potential exploitation paths using our context engine.

Rest assured, your data never leaves your environment, and because we only surface a small, redacted subset of data, we will never break any data privacy laws.

Ease Compliance Efforts

Out-of-The-Box or Customized? You Choose

Empower your security team to support continuous compliance with all key frameworks, including PCI-DSS, SOC 2, PSD2, GDPR, NIST-800, and HIPAA. Orca supports a wide range of CIS control benchmarks such as Apache CIS, AWS CIS, Azure CIS, Docker CIS, GCP CIS, Linux CIS, Windows CIS, and more.

In addition to out-of-the-box compliance templates, Orca supports customization and automation via Orca’s security context framework which includes auto-ticketing capability that allows you to create Jira or ServiceNow tickets for those repetitive or high-criticality cloud compliance issues.

Jack Roehrig

“With Orca, I can easily demonstrate passing cadence. I can demonstrate vulnerability assessment, proper governance of machines, and separation of duties. Orca in itself would convince any EU judge that a company has more than a reasonable security program.”

Get deeper visibility at a fraction of the operational cost of agent-based solutions. Discover for yourself.

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