Cloud Security Punch-Out!

Orca Security vs Qualys Cloud Platform

What better way to learn about cloud security products than to compare them head to head? The Cloud Security Punch-Out series does just that with a standardized lab containing common cloud infrastructure. In this punch-out we’ll be taking a closer look at the Qualys Cloud Platform.

Top reasons to choose Orca over Qualys Cloud Platform

Workload Protection, But Not Much Else

Although Qualys have built some rudimentary posture manager features into the platform, the majority of it is still experienced through the use of agents and network scanners. That means:

  • Challenges in achieving full coverage
  • Risks are not always clearly tied to a specific asset
  • Agents place a heavy burden on workloads

Don’t Let Your Security Solution Hold You Back

Modern cloud-native services are one of the major advantages of public cloud adoption. However, Qualys struggled to support some of the resources, such as EC2, containers and network security services....

  • Limited visibility, with security risks inevitably going undetected
  • Missing pieces of the puzzle means incomplete contextual insight

Cloud Security Must Be Easy - Agents Are Anything But

To reach total adoption, including DevOps as we shift security left, a cloud security solution must be comprehensive and easy to deploy. However, agents come with tedious deployment issues:

  • Need to install a new agent each time a workload is added
  • After initial agent deployment, agents still need to be occasionally updated
  • Resource heavy deployments cause organizational friction between security teams and DevOps

Compare Orca Security to Qualys Cloud Platform

  • Feature
  • Deployment
  • Easy & Fast Deployment

    Orca’s platform is deployed in minutes with no agents to install. From that point on, all assets are covered.

  • Inefficient Deployment

    The platform is deployed using resource-heavy agents on each resource you wish to monitor.

  • Context-aware Prioritization
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  • Priortized Critical Alerts

    Orca evaluates alerts using context, which reduces the many down to the few of importance.

  • Alerts without Context

    Qualys prioritizes alerts exclusively by considering the vulnerability score (CVSS) and without any contextual understanding.

  • Workload (CWPP) + Cloud (CSPM) Risks
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  • Comprehensive Cloud Security

    Orca identifies risks deep inside workloads and storage buckets but also widely across the cloud services you consume.

  • Fragmented Cloud Security

    Qualys has support for a limited number of cloud checks but missed several of our key misconfigurations including a wide open S3 bucket.

  • Container Support
  • Kubernetes-based Cloud Orchestration

    Orca covers your entire cloud estate including containers on hosts, as part of proprietary orchestration systems, or as part of Kubernetes-based cloud orchestration.

  • Container Support Gaps

    Qualys missed identifying most characteristics of our container and incorrectly attributed some of the observations it did find to the operating system running the container.


North America


Financial Services

cloud environment

AWS, Azure

“Orca is a great solution for us because we want to give developers the power to be innovative, but need to scan close to real-time without impacting their operations.”

Thomas HillCISO
Live Oak Bank

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North America



cloud environment

AWS, GCP, Azure

“Anything that impacts development is going to be met with resistance. But with Orca SideScanning there is zero impact on systems. It’s also easy to use.”

Jonathan JaffeCISO

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