Cloud Detection
and Response

Orca’s agentless Cloud Security Platform helps organizations quickly identify and respond to cloud attacks by continuously collecting and analyzing intelligence from cloud feeds, workloads, configurations and identities in a single platform.

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Cloud Detection and Response
Cloud Insights are Essential

Incomplete Coverage Creates Blindspots

Existing threat detection solutions were not built for the cloud and rely on agents to obtain workload telemetry. They lack insight into the entire cloud attack surface that encompasses workloads, cloud configurations, events, and identities.

  • EDR, TDR, and XDR solutions only detect risks at the cloud workload level, not the control plane.

  • Many existing CDR tools are adapted from on-premises TDR, EDR or XDR solutions that don't offer any cloud telemetry.

  • Detection & Response tools require security agents to be installed for each asset.

  • High rate of false positives and blindspots due to lack of contextual insight.

CDR built for the cloud

Orca provides 24x7 monitoring of cloud provider logs and threat intelligence feeds. By uniquely combining this information with Orca’s insights into existing risks found in cloud workloads and configurations, and the location of the company’s most critical assets, Orca quickly recognizes which events are potentially dangerous and require immediate attention.

Detect and respond to cloud attacks

With Orca’s CDR capabilities, organizations can detect, investigate, and respond to cloud attacks in progress: 

  • Detect: Receive alerts when changes and anomalies occur that indicate possible malicious intent versus normal behavior, automatically prioritizing events that endanger the company’s most critical assets.
  • Investigate: Research flagged activity to quickly gain insight into whether the events are malicious and if any of the organization’s critical assets are in danger.
  • Respond: Intercept cloud attacks by leveraging remediation steps and automatically assigning issues using Orca’s 20+ third-party technical integrations (including SOAR, notifications, and ticketing systems).
Orca Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) dashboard.

Continuous analysis without agents

Orca’s SideScanning™ technology collects workload-deep intelligence and cloud configuration metadata without the blind spots, organizational friction, high TCO and performance hits of agent-based solutions.

  • Automatically cover 100% of your assets, including newly added assets.
  • Orca’s unified data model combines cloud events and threat intelligence with risks found in cloud workloads, configurations and identities to understand when anomalies could potentially be dangerous.
  • Orca leverages machine learning, rules-based heuristics, and contextual insight to quickly process data and send out alerts when malicious activity is detected.
Cloud Security Platform to provide continuous monitoring with Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) capabilities.

Empowering the SOC and IR team

With CDR in place, teams can closely monitor ongoing events, changes and behaviors in their public cloud environments and receive an alert if any suspicious activity is detected.

  • Suspicious activities are displayed on the dashboard, allowing teams to quickly see which events are high severity and need immediate attention.
  • For every alert, a detailed timeline of events is provided, including possible exposure of business crown jewels, and recommended remediation steps.
  • Leveraging full contextual insight into the cloud environment, Orca minimizes false positives and avoids alert fatigue.
Orca Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) dashboard.

Frictionless workflow integration

Orca offers a number of third-party integrations so you can add auto-remediation or auto assignment of issues.

  • Automatically assign issues using Orca’s integrations with ticketing and notification systems such as Slack, PagerDuty, ServiceNow and Jira.
  • Automate remediation through Orca’s integration and close partnership with SOAR solutions, such as Torq and Brinqa.
  • Integrate with SIEM solutions (e.g. Splunk, Sumo Logic, IBM QRadar) for fast investigation and remediation.
Frictionless workflow integration

Orca simplifies DevOps
and DevSecOps tasks


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“Orca’s scan results are all digested and focused. We can immediately see the non-conformity to CIS that we should deal with first. We’ve integrated Orca with Jira—to assign the work to DevOps, we simply click a button.”

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