Cloud risks, threats, and vulnerabilities are moving targets for busy security teams in 2022. As cloud migration and digital transformation initiatives are fast tracked after years of pandemic-related delays, security leaders need to modernize their security operations centers to handle increasing cloud security requirements.

At the same time, internal challenges – such as understaffing, budget cuts, and alert fatigue  have not gone away. Adversaries are attacking public clouds at an unprecedented rate while security teams are struggling with alert fatigue and manually handling cloud tasks that could be automated. Organizations need better strategies to manage today’s cloud security risks. 

Discover New Cloud Strategies for DevSecOps on 7/28

Orca Security is hosting our first ever virtual summit for cloud security experts and practitioners – Cloud Security LIVE 2022 – on Thursday, July 28, starting at 8am PT/11am ET. Featuring a roster of VIPs with fresh insights on cloud security and cyber threat intelligence, security teams can enjoy two hours of power with takeaways to improve their public cloud security now.

Perfect for CISOs, SOC Managers, Security Analysts, DevOps Engineers, Cloud Security Engineers, Risk and Compliance Managers, and cloud security aficionados, attendees will learn strategies to strengthen their cloud-native security program now and over time.

The summit includes four break-out sessions ideal for teams in DevSecOps, Development and GRC to gather and plan together. From actionable takeaways on emerging security risks, threats, and vulnerabilities, to the latest on cyber threat intelligence, this is the summer’s must-attend cloud security summit. Read on for the full agenda and featured speakers at Cloud Security LIVE 2022.

BONUS TIP: be sure to read-thru to see who’s joining the VIP Fireside Chat in Session 4. This portion of the event will not be recorded – only those live in attendance will get the content. You won’t want to miss it!

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Lessons from the Trenches: What We Learned This Year to Get Cloud Security Right

Avi Shua, CEO & Co-Founder, Orca Security

In his 20 years of working in cybersecurity in both military and private sectors, Orca Security CEO Avi Shua brings a unique philosophy to cloud security: “I’m a big believer that secure tools should move from being right to being smart.” In 2019, Avi and Orca’s founders – including Gil Geron and Yoav Alon – invented an entirely new approach to cloud security that doesn’t rely on installing and maintaining agents or network scanning tools called SideScanning™. Understanding the cloud risk landscape and where legacy tools are falling short in the cloud, Avi’s vision keeps Orca’s innovation focused upon solving the most critical cloud security issues impacting organizations today.

In this first session, Avi will cover:

  • How organizations are navigating the complex cloud ecosystem and approaching security – touching on threats from the last year, including Log4J, the Confluence Security Advisory, and Orca Security Pod security advisories
  • How Orca’s invention of SideScanning™, the first agentless cloud security solution, continues to disrupt the cloud security industry with continuous innovation, precision performance, and technology integrations
  • The newest capabilities available within Orca’s cloud security platform

Paidy’s Journey to Full Cloud Security Visibility & Compliance

Jeremy Turner, Deputy CISO & Senior Cloud Security Engineer, Paidy, and Andy Ellis, Advisory CISO, Orca Security

Paidy is a Fintech leader that delivers online and mobile cardless payments and other financial services to consumers and businesses in Japan and was acquired by PayPal in 2021. As Deputy CISO and Senior Cloud Security Engineer, Jeremy Turner is responsible for Paidy’s cloud security program that manages secure payment transactions and data security requirements. Jeremy and Paidy selected Orca Security for near-instant multi-cloud visibility, which saves Paidy two FTEs and $500,000/year in cloud security management costs.

Jeremy notes the impact of Orca right away: “We have 12 AWS accounts. We didn’t know what’s in all of them, so we plugged them into Orca. Within 30 minutes we had a good idea of what was running in all accounts. We couldn’t have done that so quickly any other way.” 

In session two, hear how Jeremy and Paidy are gaining the advantage over attackers with the Orca cloud platform with Orca’s Advisory CISO, Andy Ellis:

  • How Paidy overcame challenges related to multi-cloud environments, costly in-house solutions, and compliance issues
  • How Paidy has optimized its overall cloud security posture
  • How the Orca solution improved merchant onboarding to drive revenue growth

Curious to get the full scoop on Paidy’s customer story now? Read how Jeremy and the Paidy security team eliminated costly, tedious work, with Orca’s agentless cloud security platform, in Paidy’s case study here.

The Evolution of the Cloud and Innovation in Cloud Native Security

Alicja Cade, Director, Financial Services, Office of the CISO, Google Cloud; Erkang Zheng, CEO & Founder, JupiterOne, and Keith Mokris, VP, Cloud Security Evangelism, Orca Security

Cloud native technologies and cloud service provider offerings continue to evolve at a rapid pace to enable business innovation. As organizations deploy more quickly, scale to new heights, and develop applications in new ways, cloud native security is evolving to meet new challenges and solve problems for users. 

At Orca Security, we work with trusted partners, like Google Cloud, a global cloud service provider, and JupiterOne, a leader in cyber asset management, to help teams meet their cloud security requirements and manage cloud risks.

In session three, hear from Google Cloud Director of Financial Services, Office of the CISO, Alicja Cade, and JupiterOne CEO and Founder Erkang Zheng, along with Keith Mokris, VP of Cloud Security Evangelism, as they discuss:

  • How customers are using the cloud in exciting and innovative ways
  • What are the biggest security challenges that organizations are facing today
  • How are innovators like Google Cloud, JupiterOne, and Orca Security partnering to deliver best-in-class security for end users

Security Threats and Cybercrime: A Fireside Chat

Brian Krebs, Leading Cybercrime Journalist and NY Times Bestselling Author of “Spam Nation”, and Yoav Alon, CTO, Orca Security

Cyberattacks and breaches are continuing to make headlines. What’s the inside story on security threats in 2022? What have we learned from recent exposures and what could be on the horizon?

In session four, join us for an enlightening discussion with the one and only Brian Krebs, a highly respected investigative reporter for the award-winning website, and Yoav Alon, CTO of Orca Security. Brian and Yoav will discuss the latest cyber threat intelligence and cybercrime activities – stemming from the dark web to the cloud – that are impacting security teams today. Brian and Yoav will also discuss critical methods to shore up defenses in security, with a focus on the cloud.

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Cloud Security Live is geared toward cybersecurity practitioners in DevSecOps, Security leaders managing cloud security risks and security operations teams, and GRC leaders who have governance, compliance, and risk requirements to manage in the cloud. Starting at 8am PT / 11am ET on July 28th, teams can enjoy four bite-sized sessions to inspire and take action on cloud security.

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